Managed Cloud Services

We at ReinvenTek understand how organizations around the world are struggling to meet the increasing costs of maintaining their current technology applications while trying to sustain growth in an increasingly competitive global market  at the same time.

This is why ReinvenTek provides managed and non-managed cloud based services tailored around your unique business needs, whether it’s reduction of application maintenance cost or rapid transformation of business.

We Provide:

  • Complete Application Platform (Virtual Machines, Operating System, Application Servers, Database, Cache Server, Web Server, Backup, Network and Disaster Recovery, Programming Frameworks)
  • Ongoing Patching and Maintenance
  • Technical Subject Matter Experts
  • Database Maintenance Experts
  • Application Support Services
  • Application Monitoring

Supported Applications

Supported Cloud Provider



A rapidly scalable solution that ensures the server, disk and bandwidth capacity are always available for optimal performance

Ongoing Maintenance & Patching

We provide ongoing maintenance and patching of infrastructure as well as applications.


We use Oracle and Amazon cloud services which deploy industry best practices to ensure security of customer’s data and infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Amazon and Azure cloud services provide data backup on multiple geographically separated locations so your data is always recoverable.

Instant Provisioning

New environments for development, user acceptance testing, training available within a few hours. Option of creating a copy of existing environments.

24 x 7 Operational Support

ReinvenTek provides 24 x 7 x 365 support to make sure your business is always able to access your applications.

Cost Saving

No need to pay hefty bills for hardware infrastructure and maintenance staff.


Choose the platform configuration that suits your organization’s needs.