Custom Software Development

Are you a business functioning in a rapidly changing market? Are you looking to build new solutions to solve complex business problems with agility? Are your current software products unable to keep up with your business growth and you are ready to scale up? Perhaps your product is already mature and you are looking to balance customer focus, innovation, robustness and security?

ReinvenTek software engineers have expertise in complete product life-cycle including requirement elicitation, conceptualization, detailing of functional specifications, user experience design, application development, testing and quality assurance, release management, product maintenance and support activities. We undertake engagements ranging from complete platform development to specific module development to targeted enhancements in existing products.

ReinvenTek is assisting organizations at every stage of growth. With engineers having experience in wide range of software technologies and in wide array of business domains, we understand that each business is unique and requires tailored technology solutions to not only support the growth but to provide new opportunities and venues of business expansion.

We at ReinvenTek wholeheartedly believe in agile method of software delivery. Our technology engineers swiftly understand client’s unique needs and start by providing a minimum viable product. We then engage our clients constantly in software delivery life cycle to obtain constant feedback to deliver what their business really needs.

Benefits of Our Products

Value for Money

We work with client to identify the matrices to actually measure the benefits of their investment into software product development. After deployment of our products, we assist customers to calculate the monetary and non-monetary value against defined matrices.


Designing user interfaces which are modern, elegant, easy to use and highly functional is one of the core principal of our software development methodology.


Our technology experts not only focus on requirements provided by client but also use their expertise to understand the business, identify potential areas of business which can benefit from innovation and then implement ideas in collaboration with client.

Software Protection

Our engineers extensively use modern encryption techniques to make customer data safe. ReinvenTek also has a team of security experts who perform exhaustive penetration testing of our software products to identify and fix any security loopholes.

Application Performance

All ReinvenTek products go through a rigorous process of usability and load testing to make sure our software runs smoothly across various devices. Our engineers work with clients to identify possible software usage scenarios to identify different load settings and test the software in simulation environment using similar user/traffic load.

Software Support

We at ReivenTek pride ourselves on agility and readiness of our support team to take head on any issues that might arise in our products. We provide round the clock support services from our offices around the globe.